The Sows Ear Inn

The Sows Ear Inn
not a silk purse

Sunday, February 6, 2011

So the story will begin:

And now the chronicalling of the work done on said Sows Ear Inn (or Sows Rear Inn as a friend put it) will begin. And since I am tired of talking like I am speaking for someone else, it is making me feel skit-so-frentic (sorry don't feel like looking it up), I will continue this maudelin story in the first person. I think. I did not pay much attention in English. So, you figure it out!
I hope to regal you all with photos of the trans, or wait, should I call it the "trash"formation of this old house as it goes along. IF I can ever figure out how to post pictures here. Every other blog in the world seems to know how to do it but I cannot figure it out. Plus my main computer with all my pictures is dead, so until that gets back I can't do a thing. And double plus, I have to go babysit my mother for 2 weeks so I won't be home to figure it out. So until will have to be satisfied staring at the Sows Ear Inn one and only photo. Unless of course you count the pig!

Friday, February 4, 2011

tick tock

So the soon to be rousted out of her roost wife had 3 years to try to change the husbands mind. TICK TOCK like Hooks clock, the minutes, hours, days, months & years sped by, like a rocket to the moon, she kids you not, with the husband not even considering a change of mind & before you know it.....Boom they were gone.