The Sows Ear Inn

The Sows Ear Inn
not a silk purse

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A descriptive title:

I am finally fulfilled. I have found the descriptive title to the vocation of my choosing:
I am a "serious amateur decorative painter". Or is it "seriously amateurous at decorative painting" Or "decoratively amateurous at serious painting" ? I can't decide which. Altho I know that they should all end
in "wannabe". There.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I wish I knew how to make my blog look like everyone else's out there. Can't someone teach me? Help me?

It's spring......?

Well, it's really almost summer, but this state still doesn't know it. Rain, rain, rain with a chance of guessed it, rain. At least it isn't snow. Or sun. Who would be crazy enough to want sun. Not the mold growing between my toes, that would ruin everything. So in the meantime, we have finished 2 more rooms. The laundry room, which I must say looks pretty good. I guess having a new "layer" of clean paint does wonders. And we got rid of the pepto-dismal pink room. So I will try to post pictures, altho all of my loyal fans see this on facespace. My imaginary friends can look at them here!