The Sows Ear Inn

The Sows Ear Inn
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Friday, June 22, 2012

WOW! Can this possibly be the most BORING blog in the universe? Maybe I will win the prize. My excuse? I'm always tooooo busy. The computer is UPSTAIRS, where I don't want to climb. When I think of something to say, the computer is too far away & I don't want to go find it, by that time I forgot what witty-ism I was going to write. The whole world is blogging, who wants to read mine? That's all.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sowsearinn Part Deux

Because my husband thinks I don't have enough to do, that I lollop about too much, letting my arse get fatter & fatter (along with the rest of my body, but I say it's for heat retention, don't cha know), he bought another house for us to try to restore to some semblence of normalacy. There were years & years of dirt, dust, crud & horrible paint jobs to mend. We are almost done! My shoulders are killing me. I should look like superman but I don't. So I am going to attempt to show before & afters of what we have done. Here goes:

 So this is of course the pink room. There was a sale on pink in Deer Drop at one point & everyone painted the rooms pink.

 This year there is a sale on white so rooms are now white. With green trim.

 Here you see the marvelous painting job in various hues in different unpainted stages

 The white sale contined. I call this the igloo room. If we had not painted the trim another color people would get lost in all this white with the angled ceilings & walls. Chaos & broken heads would have ensued.
 This is the dining room in a lovely color of ??? camel? tan? brown? Ugly?
 I forgot to take afters so this will be continued.
 The upstairs hall, I think it is paintable wallpaper left unpainted until.....
Now! A nice mellow yellow.                                   

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

o help me plsease

I certainly wish someone with blogging experience would find this site & tell me how to put old/new pictures side by side. I wish someone would help me jazz this thing up. If I only had a brain I could probably look at the icons at the top of this page & figure it out. If only.....

Royal Design Give Away!!

Royal Design Studios is giving away $75 in free stencils! My favorite place to be, I spend hours getting ideas from Melanie. She is a genius. When I grow up I will be like her! ha in my dreams I know, but I can dream! So go enter to win, and give them to me!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My new obsession

So, my new obsession is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. That means I had to go "junqueing" thru the backwoods of MT the other day, so that I could find stuff to try it out on.  An all day loop winding up where I knew I should of started in the first place. But, we did see some X-Files/"Home"/Inbreeder types towns (?) with lots of old decrapitated buildings but no junk stores. Or stores of any kind for that matter. How do people survive in those kinds of places? It gives me chills! I got a small end table, a "vintage" vanity type thingy, & a gi-normous mirror to do some kind of Royal Design modello/etching on.. The price of the mirror? 4, four, bucks! Maybe someday when I grow up I will be able to sell some of this crap so that I can continue to support my "wanna be an artist habit". Wouldn't that be fun! and p.s. I have been commissioned to do a countertop! Yippee Skippee!