The Sows Ear Inn

The Sows Ear Inn
not a silk purse

Friday, December 10, 2010

continuing the story

So they travelled back a few times & got the brillant idea they should buy some property & build a house & one day settle there. They bought 5 acres in the beautiful Paradise Valley, famous for Dennis Quaid & who care who else! And they went home.
Then the wife started thinking this through & realized (dum da dum dum), this was a BIG mistake! She did not want to move away from her family & friends & adorable little granddaughter who live right next door, or her nice Silk Purse house. Too late, the husband was firm in the decision. Well except for one thing, he now decided they could not afford to build on the property so instead he decided to buy a house. ???? The wife did not understand either.
The husband decided to do some house hunting on the internet where lo & behold he found the most charming old house in another city far far away from Dennis Quaid. He flew to view the charming old house & was convinced his wife would love it because it needed a little "fixing up" & he knew his wife loved to paint & stencil & try all kinds of crazy decorating ideas. SOLD!

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