The Sows Ear Inn

The Sows Ear Inn
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

the 1st visit......

After a few months the husband wanted the wife to share in the joy of the new retirement home, so off they flew on an adventure. By plane, by car to the lovely little town. When she first viewed the town, she wanted to cry. Sob actually. No trees, no target, no movies, no nothing. It was bigger than the town she came from, but no better. So why not stay where you are already happily ensconced? O, that's right, a new place to work on. And after she saw the house she knew, WORK it would be. It was a nightmare of painting haphazardness. At least one coat of paint per year on the kitchen cabinets. Nothing was sacred, not hinges, not door hangers, not windows, nothing. Everything had a lovely 6" layer of paint all over it. The ceiling in the living room a lovely baby poop yellow, with the standard haphazard painting on the picture moldings. Who in the world ever heard of taping off? Too much trouble, we'll wing it!! Tra-la-la.

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  1. Great job with the picture. Brrr....Look at all that you have learned in the last few weeks.