The Sows Ear Inn

The Sows Ear Inn
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

to all (4) fans:

Dear Fans:
I am blocked. I'm sorry, I keep trying to think of how to continue this mononetous story but I am stunted, stupiefied, strangling, & sorry that I just cannot think of anything witty to say. Hopefully someday I will get my mojo going & get back on track with this ridiculous blog.
But, just to  give you a little tid-bit of life: My stinking 14 yr cat who refuses to die bit me last night because I would not let him sleep on my face. He is lucky he is still alive. I threw him into the den of artic cold amid curses that I hoped he died, while I ran to the medicine cabinet with my mothers warnings of cat scratch fever, wash 7 times or you will wake up without an arm...but then I remembered he bit me, did not scratch.
O, & here is my movie suggestion: Murder By Death with Peter Sellers. Pretty darn stupid & funny. The best line was the address:
22 Twain.....get it!!! If I move back to Ca I will try for that as a license plate.
How does my brain work? From cat scratch fever to that movie? Yikes.

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